Basically I had to downsize due to cost.  The original server for was costing around $4,000 a year with the server lease and all of the licenses for software to upload and process videos on the scale of a youtube type video sharing site.

I had a few advertisers that were helping but there was not enough traffic on the site to justify their continued support.  So I now have a server that is manageable for me even without the assistance of advertisers. I want to than Steve McNeal of Keystone Sporting Arms for his support of the original server.

But I would still love for people to be able to upload their videos so feel free to join and share your content.  Thanks for all of those who have supported in the past and those who continue to support me with my crazy internet hijinks :)

I will probably be holding the Crickett Fundraiser here so that is another good reason to register for updates on that projects.  Thanks again everyone!